Thursday, December 20, 2012

RollerCOASTER Ride??

They say international adoption is a rollerCOASTER ride. Maybe it is...

My good friend and co-worker, Kelly, was my Secret Santa in a gift swap. She made, yes made, these super special coasters as part of her gift to me. Since we follow each other on Pinterest, she was able to see the different items I have posted on my ET Love board (adoption/ET related). She took those quotes and pics and made them into coasters. Of course they are too nice too actually use so I am thinking I may put them on a shelf in our son/daughter's room someday. In the meantime I am looking for a place in our house to display them. Thanks Kelly! I love, love, love this special gift!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dossier to Ethiopia!

The day has finally come~our dossier was sent to ET on Monday which means we are officially on the referral waiting list at number...

This means there are 41 families ahead of us. Some families are requesting 2 children, or requesting 1 or 2 children, which lengthens our wait a bit. On the other hand, some families are specifically requesting  boy or girl, or a certain age range. In addition, any family can change their criteria at anytime so nothing is ever set in stone. The # of referrals each month also varies from month to month. This is another factor that will affect our wait. I feel somewhat at peace knowing our documents are all in order and we will wait for now until we someday get that call.