Wednesday, March 12, 2014

That's right...I used to have a blog!

I can't believe Alazar has been home for over 7 months now! 2013 was such a whirlwind and now we have settled in to our life as a family of 3!

He is getting so big every day!

He goes to "school" two days per week and he absolutely loves it. He is very social and loves to be around other children. It must be weird for our children to spend their early lives in the orphanage with many other children and then transition to a family lifestyle. Although the latter is more beneficial for many important reasons, sometimes I worry that he is bored with us despite the fact we try to provide him with opportunities to hang out with other kiddos.

Overall it has been a smooth transition. The adoption training and social worker visits really prepare you for the worst so it has been a relief. I understand that issues can arise over time but I'm relieved to say things have been great so far!

Adoption is weird. In one breath, you're like, wow I can't believe (x) has already been home (x) months. Then, in the next breath you're like, it's hard to believe he wasn't always here with us!