Wednesday, January 23, 2013

They've Got the Right Idea!

It is super cold out, not just regular cold but frigid cold. Just last week it was in the 50s and we took the dogs for a nice walk on the beach. In fact, it felt like a spring day. Anyway, I know I shouldn't complain but today was one of those mornings when you wanted to just remain under the covers and stay warm all day. When I left for work, I tucked my babies in under some blankets on the loveseat. Aren't they just so cute?!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Melkam Gena (Merry Christmas)

Today, January 7th, is Christmas in Ethiopia, known as Gena (also spelled Ganna and Gena). Ethiopia's calendar is different from ours ~ you can read about it in my previous post here.


Yesterday we went to Red Sea Addis, an ET restaurant in Boston to celebrate. Actually, I have been wanting to go there for months and a Christmas celebration was the perfect reason. I was not sure what to order so we got a combination platter. Their doro wat was much better than my ghetto crockpot version. I am not a huge fan of red meat and this becoming more true with each passing year; however, the beef dishes were amazing!

To read more about Christmas in Ethiopia you can follow the links below:

Friday, January 4, 2013

New Number

After one month of being on the referral waiting list, we have only moved up one spot, from # 42 to #41. There were only 2 referrals within our agency during the month of December. I am trying to remain positive and remember that some months will be better than others. Hopefully next month we will move more than one spot!