Thursday, March 28, 2013

New Waitlist Number

We just received our new wait list number for this month and we are now number...

There were actually seven referrals but as you can see we moved up four spots (some families were received referrals for 2 children).  In the past four months we have moved up 10 spots. The best news is that our agency is expecting 20 referrals in the coming months and 14 of those children are within our approved age parameters so we should be moving along nicely. Of course, international adoption is a very uncertain process so I try not to get too excited about/ahead of myself as anything can change at anytime.

There are some days when I am super excited about this process and there are other days where I feel somewhat detached since we are waiting and waiting. These monthly updates trigger the excited feelings and help us to realize that we really are one step closer to meeting our child.

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