Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I realize I have been such a slacker with this whole blog thing. It has been almost two months since we were in ET and I am still working on the trip #1 recap. I apologize to those of you who follow this. 

Anyway, in late June/early July we had a delay in our embassy submission which ended up being a full two weeks because of the 4th of July holiday. So on Thursday, July 11th, our case was finally submitted. We recently received notice of an interview date for this upcoming Thursday, 8/1, at the embassy. It will take place at 7:30 AM which is 12:30 AM here. (in abandonment cases, the finder appears; in relinquishment cases, the birthparent appears). So, our fingers are crossed that our interview person appears as scheduled and that we can clear in a timely fashion. Apparently, there are staffing shortages at the embassy and the processing of cases appears to have slowed down just in the last two weeks. I am hoping this is temporary and things pick up again, especially because some of my adoption sisters are still waiting for their interviews to be scheduled.

So this is where we are now. Originally I had anticipated that we would be back in ET this week. Stay tuned....

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