Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bump in the Road...

Well, my gut is always right! This is something I have learned especially as I have become older. I have had a bad feeling about how long we have waited for our fingerprinting appts, although the wait time is still considered to be within the normal time frame. We just got a phone call tonight from the scheduling center telling us we missed our fingerprinting appointment that was scheduled for this past Tuesday, the 2nd. Although we followed our agency's instructions exactly and on our cover letter we also stated that documents should be sent to our mailing address, they still sent the appt. letter to the physical address (which was listed on our application b/c it is our legal physical address that matches all of our other documents that are included in the dossier).  

The worst part was that the lady was kind of rude and short with me on the phone. Apparently they separate the I600A application from the other supporting documents (including the cover letter) when it is forwarded to the department that schedules appointments. So, anyway, our new appt. is scheduled for the end of the month. Chris has reminded me that this has really only set us back a few weeks. So, I am trying to be positive. If any other adoptive parents out there are reading this, how long did you have to wait between getting your fingerprints done and receiving the I171? She said current processing times were between 75-90 days and I am wondering if this was what she was referring to? From reading others' blogs it seems like the wait time was shorter than this so I am a bit curious.

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