Thursday, February 21, 2013

Doggy Bones

Since I am off this week and I am playing "stay at home dog mom," I had some extra time to try out a couple of new Pinterest recipes. Yesterday when I was browsing antique shops downtown I came across a dog bone shaped cookie cutter. Today I decided to make Lucy and Brody some peanut butter treats. I used the recipe found on this website:

As I was rolling the dough out, I thought this batch loosely resembled Africa (you can see the Horn on the right).

My oven tends to cook food a bit fast, but I only cooked these for about 10-12 minutes vs. the recipe time of 20 minutes.

Now their bones are displayed on the counter top in an apothecary jar. Fancy schmancy... To the left is my new milk glass pedestal "bowl" I got antiquing, which is curved and perfect for holding bananas.

Waiting patiently, or impatiently, for their bones. They love, love, love treats!

As you can see, they are Lucy and Brody approved!

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