Thursday, February 7, 2013

What's New?

On the adoption front, we are # 38. In our most recent update, our agency has stated that they expect a few referrals soon, so hopefully we will have a lower number next month. Our agency has a FB group of moms who have adopted from ET and those that are in the process. It has been awesome to connect with others and read about their stories. Most importantly, everyone is super friendly, kind, and supportive, yet they are also very honest and quick to share their experiences. It has been very reassuring to know that any questions, doubts, and fears I have had/do have are totally normal and part of the whole process/experience. 

In other news, we are preparing for the snowpocalypse that is expected to hit soon! No school tomorrow, yay! (I know I won't be that excited come June as we are now working until June 21st!).

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  1. Concord canceled school tomorrow too so we're out to June 21 as well - eek! Hope you stay nice and toasty (thank goodness for our pups). XO