Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Day 5: Monday, June 10th:
Monday was our last full day in Shashemene and Awassa. Like the days before, our guide and driver picked us up in the early morning and we set off for an adventure. This day was shopping day. We went to a shop that made and sold traditional clothing. We went into the backroom and saw the artisans make the fabric and items using big looms. We stopped at a few other stores and purchased items for Alazar and his bedroom. We also purchased a small mesob. Our guide, Zek, was able to negotiate a great price for us, $10. Through our various shopping experiences, we learned that many shop owners will charge a different price to Americans and other foreigners so it is very helpful to go with Ethiopians who will help you out by negotiating.

After shopping, we went to lunch and then went to a restaurant where we had a traditional coffee ceremony. I just love the smell of the incense they burn when the ceremony takes place. After coffee, we headed to CCC for the very last time.

Because this was the first weekday we visited CCC, we were able to meet with the orphanage director and social worker. They went over our children's histories and asked if we had any more questions. Unfortunately we only found out one more detail and at this time we realized we will never know much about Alazar's first month of life.

We had our last visit with A. at his first orphanage. It was bittersweet and we were sad to say good-bye to the kids and staff there. We were not sad to leave Alazar because we knew we would get one last visit in with him once he was moved to Addis.

Day 6: Tuesday, June 11th:
We woke up super early on Tuesday morning because we had to make the 4-5 hour journey back to Addis so Chris and I could attend our court hearing. That afternoon we headed to court and answered some questions. The best part was when she said, "You are his parents!" It felt so good, like we could breathe for the first time in a long time!

That night we went to cultural dinner where we ate yummy food and watched many traditional dances. It was very awesome and we took lots of video so we can share it with Alazar someday!


  1. Hi, I have been following your blog as well as others adopting from Ethiopia. We are starting our process of adopting from Ethiopia. I am also going to be using Adoption Associates. I was wondering if there is a private FB group that you could add me too so I can see others experiences with AAI?

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