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DAY 7: June 12, 2013:
This day was our final full day in Ethiopia. We woke up early and met Helina, our guide from Children's HopeChest, at a little cafe near our hotel. Our driver, Aweke, met us a few minutes later and we began our adventure to Duber, so we could visit our sponsored child, Bizunesh, at her carepoint Trees of Glory. We stopped at the market and bought two lambs so the staff could make the children a special feast with some meat. We also stopped and bought a bunch of bananas at a roadside stand.
Helina and Aweke checking out the lambs/negotiating a price

Beautiful Bizunesh sporting her new gifts

Showing Bizunesh pictures of herself on my ipad

The few books at the TOG library
Ethiopians are very hospitable, they served us lunch and coffee during our visit

Me, Biz, and Chris
Helina & Simret, the Director
After our once-in-a-lifetime visit with Bizunesh, we headed back to Addis and to our agency's transition house, Jane's House. Early that morning at 4:00 A.M, Alazar and two other boys were transported from Shashemene to Addis. I recently heard from the boys' mom that Alazar "slept and sucked his bottle" the whole way. That definitely sounds like my Alazar.

Chris and I got one last visit with Alazar. I considered this our bonus visit because we did not realize we would get to see him again once he was moved to Addis. I am so glad we decided to stay an additional day in ET and visit Bizunesh since we got the extra visit with our son. It was the longest one too! 3 hours. I felt like he recognized us for the first time and it made me feel good to know he made it to his new "home" safe and sound. It also made me feel better to meet the loving nurse and nannies who would be taking care of him until we returned.

Mom & Alazar
Dad & Alazar

It was finally time to say good-bye to Alazar. I gave him a kiss and the head nurse Mulu swooped him out of my arms and brought him to the baby room. Luckily it was fast and painless at the time.

DAY 8: June 13, 2013:
Basically we woke up super early and headed to the airport. We headed to Germany and back to Boston. After visiting Ethiopia, we will never be the same...

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