Friday, August 10, 2012

Book Suggestions?

Over the last few months I have begun collecting new/nearly new books for our child's "library." Most of the books have come from Savers (one of my fav stores) and they have been 69 or 99 cents a piece. I remove the book jacket and find that the book itself is usually in tip-top shape. If it is not I do not buy it. From my experience with my friends' kids, book jackets last about a day anyway. I have also picked up a few books from the Book Shack at our local mall. I think kids' books are something like 3 for $12 which is a pretty good deal.

I have picked up several winter/Christmas themed books. I am guessing this is because it is summer and no one is thinking about that! I also came across a cute book titled, Everyone Poops, at a thrift store for a quarter. My friends know this type of humor is right up my alley!

I have also picked up a few classics by Dr. Suess, as well as some books on animals. I want our child to think globally and I have come across a cute book on peace and the Is there Really a Human Race? book by Jamie Lee Curtis. 

My goal is to build one of those library walls in our child's room that are all over Pinterest. Then we can display groups of book related to a theme, season, or holiday. Yes, my teacher friends have definitely rubbed off on me!

So, my question is, do any of you have any book suggestions for young children one to three years of age? Eventually I will pick up some more Dr. Suess books and a few classics like Goodnight Moon, but I am curious of any moms/caregivers out there have found a book or two that their child absolutely enjoys.


  1. We remove and toss book jackets as well in this house! Ours usually last less than a day. Some classics that we have and read over and over are "I Love You As Much", "Guess How Much I Love You", "Goodnight Moon", "I Love You, Stinky Face" and "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?". Hope that helps! :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog & for your sweet comment! The current favorite book at our house is a Dr. Seuss book: "Mr. Brown Goes Moo". I think that's what it's called (I've gotten so used to Kendi saying, "Bown-Moo" that I can't remember the real Funny thing is my oldest daughter is almost 23, but this is the first I've seen this book! But I tell you, we read it over & over! We also love the Sandra Boynton books & the "Pigeon" books by Mo Willems (I, personally, get a kick out of those!). Two of my favorite multi-cultural books are "The Colors of Us" & "Busy Toes". :o)