Thursday, August 9, 2012

Paperwork = poopy

I know others feel the same way - paper work is the single worst part of my job. Why, then, am I so surprised that the stress of completing and gathering adoption paperwork has finally caught up to me? It probably doesn't help that is it summer school progress report time and I am pretty sure that I am allergic to writing progress reports. Seriously though, this is the 3rd consecutive time that I have gotten sick the week progress reports are due. I am not trying to complain and I am very grateful that I got this summer job as it paid for the first payment to our agency! Just needed to vent!

Our homestudy draft is almost complete. Our social worker is just waiting on 2 documents from us. She sent us a draft and we were super impressed. It is amazing how well someone can get to know you in a just a few short meetings! Hopefully it will be finished next week and then she will send the draft to our agency and they will approve it/give feedback. Once it is finalized and notarized we can apply to immigration! Please send positive thoughts that things will continue to move along steadily. Thanks!

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