Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer Vacation: Take 2

Summer school is officially finished and it is time to enjoy the next two weeks before school starts! I always begin to appreciate the summer (or what's left of it) once mid-August arrives. I have been super busy chasing down paperwork for our dossier. I've wondered how people do this when they work full-time. I feel as though this has been a part-time job for me and I am happy that this part of the adoption process happened to occur during my summer vacation. So far we have completed/gathered and notarized the following documents for our dossier:
  • Police clearances (for C & A)
  • 2 x letters of recommendation/reference
  • Employer references letters (for C & A)
  • Letter to the ET govt asking permission to adopt
  • 6 passport photos for each of us
  • Copies of S.S. cards
  • Passports have been renewed (my passport came back already-it took < 3 wks!)
  • Financial statement
  • Declaration of Willingness letter
  • Power of Attorney
  • Family post adoption agreement letter
  • Birth certificates (C & A)
  • Marriage certificate
  • Medical physicals and blood tests for both of us


On Monday our health certificates will be completed and our home study draft will be submitted to our agency. This was held up a week b/c our social worker is waiting for me to obtain documentation from my doctor re: my prescriptions for anxiety and nasal congestion. Yes, explanation of Flonase is needed too! We are 80% done with our 10 hour Hague/pre-adoption online parent training courses and plan on finishing these classes up in the next two days so our certificates will also be ready for Bev, our social worker, by Monday. We are also in the process of obtaining a proof of health insurance letter from our Human Resources Department. Apparently Blue Cross & Blue Shield of MA does not notarize documents but luckily our workplace does.

A couple of weeks back our dossier checklist only had a few items checked off. Now it is approx. 2/3 of the way completed. At this rate I am anticipating that our dossier should arrive in Ethiopia sometime in October. Once again, this expectation may change. It will depend on how quickly our fingerprinting appointments are scheduled, the results come back, and how quickly we receive approval from U.S. Immigration to adopt internationally.


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