Saturday, November 10, 2012

Goodbye Dossier

The day finally came and the day was today! We mailed off our dossier to the courier company and it will be delivered this upcoming Tuesday. I am not sure how long the authentication process will take. As hard as it was to give up up possession of these very important documents, there was a sense of relief, as we have done our part and now the rest of the story will unfold however it is supposed to. I am hoping that all of our docs are fine, things will go smoothly in D.C., and our docs will safely arrive in our agency in MI and then in Addis Ababa. I have learned a few important things throughout this process. First, it is so crucial to become super organized. Prior to the adoption, I would have important docs in different places around the house and I would never be able to find my passport, social security card, etc. when I needed them. Now, I believe I have adopted the binder system for life! Secondly, I am a pretty impatient person and once I have my heart set on something or want something done I have a hard time waiting. This process is going to be the ultimate wait. Finally, things go well and then there is a bump in the road, things go well and then there is a bump in the road, and so on. I am hoping that the bumps remain little and they are resolved quickly. 

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