Monday, November 5, 2012


It finally arrived today!!!!!

Our I171H arrived in the mail today. Last Wednesday I had spoken with the immigration officer processing our case and she informed me she would be mailing it out that day. So, I checked our PO Box on Thursday (yes, I realized it was highly unlikely to arrive the next day), Friday, and Saturday. Tonight we rushed up to the UPS Store to get a copy of this document and another document notarized. Tomorrow I can take advantage of my day off from work (b/c of the election) and take the train into Boston to get our Power of Attorney Letter (gives our Agency our permission to match us with a child) and Dossier Affidavit Letter (Dossier Table of Contents) sealed by the State of MA. Our next step will be to ship our entire dossier (I cringe when I write that) to D.C. where it will be authenticated, bundled and then sent to our agency in Michigan. Feeling lucky to have this document in hand less than 2 weeks after our fingerprinting appointments. I feel that it is partially making up for the missed/rescheduled fingerprinting appointments and, consequently, the 3 week delay.

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